How to hire a Patent Attorney?

patent attorney

You would like to hire a patent attorney to protect the new technology that you are developing. Your new technology may incorporate artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, the internet of things, or any other cutting-edge technology. The lawyer you met didn’t seem to be offering you the best advice. TheĀ top denver patent attorneys usually charge half as much as other attorneys by the hour. The patent process generally takes three years, with hot technologies taking longer.

Even though no patent attorney will admit to it, there is such a thing as an equal top denver patent attorneys. Getting your application allowed after filing is difficult, and it can be costly to go through each argument round. The average number of rounds of arguments depends on the technology area, but some may take, and you’ll have to pay for each round Toto protect your interests and stay innovative, you need to hire an attorney who understands your business and innovation needs.

A patent attorney is generally not the best choice if you hire them based solely on their reputation.

  • Background in technology
  • Guidance for strategic planning
  • Working knowledge of patents
  • Rates of success
  • Prosecution speed of patents
  • Cost-based value

patent attorney

It could be 3 or more years before a patent is granted, but it lasts up to 20 years from the date that it is first filed. Considering such a long periods, you may wish to ask your patent attorney for a ballpark estimate of your cost during this entire period. Before you engage the services of a patent attorney, you should ask these questions:

  • What is the average cost of patenting my type of innovation?
  • In the argument phase, how can churn be minimized or avoided?
  • How does the cost curve change over time?
  • Is there a time frame for this year and until the patent expires?