The Advantages Of Selling Occupied Houses

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The advantages of selling squatted houses

  1. Your home is not attractive to vandals and burglars.

People who want to burglarize or vandalize a house are looking for easy targets. When you live in the house or apartment you want to sell, bad guys are less attracted than empty houses.

In the digital age then, thanks to the great ease of making video tours, doing photo shoots and giving a more sober look and that appeals to as many buyers as possible thanks to Home Staging, selling furnished homes has become relatively easier and safer because even if the house is inhabited it can be shown in all its parts from the best point of view

  1. Squats show their best.

A house tends to feel more beautiful and welcoming when it is occupied. Buyers don’t have to imagine what the house will look like with furniture because “your” furniture is already there. Some buyers also like the feeling of a house that is already inhabited by people who give a glimpse of their lifestyle. To show potential buyers an inhabited house, it can be useful to stage a sort of “typical day”, such as showing the kitchen table set with your best service, lighting candles in the living room, leaving the fireplace burning in winter, and so on. Street. These are precautions that can be taken without ever exaggerating.

  1. You can meet the buyer.

As the owner, if you are interested in meeting the buyer, it will be easier for you to do so if you live in the house. Sometimes sellers want to make sure their beloved home is purchased by someone they think will get the most out of it, so being able to get to know the buyer allows for those considerations. Not many homeowners want to meet with the buyer, however some people might help the sale by only showing up on certain occasions and only meeting special buyers that, as a real estate agent, I have already valued and known well.

  1. Handle emergencies.

One of the problems with leaving the house empty is that it is not possible to manage the unexpected such as when someone vandalizes the main door or the shutters or a pipe breaks. Conversely, when you live at home you can solve any problems quickly.