Know all about the HVAC absolute comfort system

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HVAC system Aims at providing thermal comfort by purifying the indoor air quality with the help of ventilation. This system is installed in houses and office buildings to provide heating and cooling. It also improves indoor air quality and creates the environment fresh and clean by removing dust, dirt, germs smoke, odor, heat, and carbon dioxide.           Most organizations adopt the services for quite but also provides a clean and comfortable environment to the employees.

Objectives of HVAC:

The components of air handling systems:

It is familiar with the components

Functions are known

Problems will be aware

General HVAC:

The design of HVAC is dependent on the required air cleanliness:

The components should be selected including:

Fans, driers, filters, ducts grilles, etc


Components in HVAC may include depending on need:

Filters: choice of the filters which is the component to change as per requirement.

Fans: No fan failure, including supply air fans, return air fans, exhaust air fans, and dust extract system fans.


 The drying of air with chemical driers eg: the rotating wheel.

Frost coils for the preheating air.

Components in HVAC may include depending on need:

Snow eliminators

Dust eliminators

Moisture eliminators

Precooling coils

Alarm systems grilles/diffusers etc.

The components of HVAC:

Weather louver:

To prevent insects, leaves, dirt, and rain from entering it helps.

Silencer: it is the component that reduces noise caused by air circulation for the air.

Flow rate controller: it is the automated adjustment of the volume of air that controls the night and day.

Control damper: the fixed adjustment of the volume of air in the component for HVAC.

Heating unit: To heat the air to the proper temperature.

The cooling unit: it is the air which is required temperature to remove the moisture from the air.

Humidifier: low to bring the sir to the proper humidity if too low.

Filters: The particles can be eliminated such as microorganisms.

Ducts: it is useful to transport air.

Problems with the components of HVAC:

Flow rate controller: it blocks the flow rate controller

Control damper:  Poorly adjusted, bad pressure differential system.

Humidifier: The bad water, steam quality, and poor drainage are the issues.

Cooling battery: the elimination of the condensed water with poor drainage.

Filters: incorrect retention rate which is damaged badly and installed.

Ducts: inappropriate material on the internal insulators which are leaking.

Full free air systems:

100 percent fresh air normally if the toxic products are processed and recirculation is not recommended.

They are o contamination by fresh air which is sufficient filtration needed.

The flirtations that exhaust air contaminates and environmental regulations.

The energy recovery wheels:

They should be a source of contamination.

Relation pressure between supply and exhaust air.