How to Tell If an Interior Designer is Reputable And Talented?

Marshall Erb Design

Hiring an interior designer is an investment, so you want to ensure you choose one that is truly skilled and reputable. Use these tips to identify exceptional talent like that offered by Marshall Erb Design:

Extensive Portfolio

Any qualified interior designer will have a robust portfolio of past work spanning years. Examine their design projects that closely align with yours in terms of style and scale. A portfolio full of stellar, relevant examples indicates talent.

Impressive Clientele

The caliber of clients a designer has worked with says a lot. Established designers attract high-end residential and commercial clients versus just taking small one-off jobs. Prominent clients equal a strong reputation.

Industry Connections

Well-respected interior designers have cultivated relationships with vendors, contractors, tradespeople and fellow designers over many years. These connections allow them to build a quality team and access products not available to the public.

Marshall Erb Design

Rave Reviews

Check reviews and talk to past clients. Six-figure renovation projects often ride on the skills of the designer. Positive feedback and referrals show attention to budget, timeline and most importantly, pleasing aesthetics.

Media Features

Truly gifted interior designers get recognized by leading media outlets. Features in magazines like Architectural Digest confirm their work is special enough to spotlight. Online design publications also praise remarkable talent.

Awards & Recognition

Industry accolades offer third-party validation of interior designers’ skills. Has the designer won awards from the American Society of Interior Designers, Interior Design magazine, or major homebuilder associations? Awards set renowned designers apart.

Specialized Expertise

Look for interior designers who go deep versus general in certain types of projects, like hospitality or healthcare design. Niche focus allows them to perfect the nuances needed in specialized spaces.

Quick Client Response

You can gauge a designer’s business professionalism by their communication skills from the outset. The best designers quickly return calls, emails, provide clear contracts and invoices, and track project details.

Following these guidelines when evaluating interior design talent will lead you to creatives like Marshall Erb Design who have the experience, accolades, connections and focus to bring amazing spaces to life. Invest in reputable talent for design satisfaction.