Cost of the documents necessary for the sale

selling a house

These are the least considered home selling costs and at the same time those that can turn out to be of the greatest unexpected entity. Today’s real estate market is very different from that of the past where the deed of origin and the cadastral plan were enough to sign a deed.

Among the costs relating to the collection and control of  documents to sell a house,  I mention:

Access to documents at the Municipality: around €200

Obtaining cadastral documents: Free for the owner

Drafting of urban planning and cadastral compliance report from €350 to €1500

Amnesty for any abuses detected: From €1,500 upwards

The first two items refer to a procedure that your Surveyor will carry out to retrieve all the technical drawings filed from the Municipality and Land Registry. They are used to draw up a document which in some Regions is used as a pretext for the sale and which takes the name of an  integrated technical report which on average costs between €350 and €1,500 for larger properties.

Cash House Buyers

Regardless of the region where you live, it’s the best investment you can make to avoid costly legal practices if your house had dragged building abuses from the past. It happens often, until a few years ago nobody controlled anything or almost nothing.

As a seller today you are also responsible for the abuses created in the past by the previous owners. The cost of the assessment is therefore the best investment you can make and subsequently you will be able, if necessary, to claim your rights against the person who sold you the house.

A few words on the costs

At least 60% of the buildings checked every year detect more or less serious building abuses acquired by the current unsuspecting owners due to the absence of checks.

They are among the longest-running home selling costs since they still too often emerge once the sale has begun and represent an unexpected event that can significantly vary the economic result of the sale.

The first expense to be faced is the amnesty, when possible. The cost starts from a minimum of 2000 euros between oblation and technician for simple practices  cila in amnesty  on minor abuse.